The Vodka

Paul began his journey to create V-One with one thing in mind,
this was to craft the world's most drinkable vodka.

V-One Vodka

It took him more than three years and forty different recipes, trying every imaginable grain and potato to craft his own vodka. He also tried combining the spirits of both potato and grain vodkas however, none of them gave him what he was looking for. He found a rare and mostly unknown wheat growing in Kozubszczyzna (yes, his last name is Kozub) Poland that changed everything.

What makes V-One The World's Most Drinkable Vodka?

V-One Vodka is the ONLY 100% Spelt Vodka on the market! Almost all other vodkas use lesser ingredients, specifically corn, rye, or potatoes. These ingredients are the main reason that many other vodkas have that harsh burn. They use these ingredients because it is very inexpensive to produce the base spirit from these products. When Paul was working on the V-One recipe he had one goal, to craft the world's most drinkable vodka. When he tried spelt wheat in one of his recipes, he immediately knew that this would be his last. The 100% spelt wheat V-One recipe was cleanest and finest vodka he had ever tasted!

"When I tried the Spelt version of V-One Vodka for the first time, it brought tears to my eyes. After three long years of trial and error, the taste that I got from spelt was exactly what I had been searching for. On that first day I tried Spelt V-One, I also quickly found out why there were no other vodka companies using it in their vodka. It cost more than THREE times to produce than other luxury vodkas," said Paul.

"When I went back to my hotel room in Poland that night, I struggled to make a decision on V-One's final recipe. Do I use spelt or a lesser grain that would cost me three times less?" One thought kept running through my mind, "You will never be let down when you use the best!"

V-One Vodka

Paul's passion for quality drove him to create the world's only 100% spelt wheat vodka.

What is Spelt?

Spelt is an ancient variety of wheat that dates back to as early as 5000B.C. The official name of spelt is Triticum aestivum var. spelta. Spelt has been grown in Europe for over 300 years, and spelt has been grown in North America for just over 100 years.

Spelt is similar to wheat in appearance however, spelt has a tougher husk than wheat, which may help protect the nutrients. Spelt tastes somewhat nuttier and has a slightly sweeter flavor than whole wheat flour. The protein in Spelt is easier to digest than wheat protein. Many people also feel that they can tolerate Spelt products even if they are allergic to regular wheat products. This seems especially true for people with delayed hypersensitivities to traditional wheat.

How V-One is crafted?

V-One is hand-crafted in small batches in Lublin, Poland, 120 miles Southeast of Warsaw. V-One is distilled five times using a sophisticated distillation process that removes impurities and contributes to V-One's notably clean finish. This distillery has the most modern equipment in all of Poland, allowing V-One to be distilled to the highest standards available and making the vodka one of the cleanest on the market. This distillery has been manufacturing its own highly acclaimed vodka in Poland since 1906 and crafts V-One Vodka exclusively for Valley Vodka, Inc.

2010 Awards
March 2010
World Spirit Competition "Double Gold" Medal
V-One Vodka was honored with the highest award, the "Double Gold" Medal at the World Spirits Competition.

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