The Vodkas

Paul began his journey to create V-One with one thing in mind,
this was to craft the world's most drinkable vodka.

V-One Hazelnut

V-One Vodka

“There is a small "vodka only" bar in Krakow Poland where I first tried this great tasting Orzech Laskowy (hazelnut) flavored vodka. Since this time wanted to create my own unique version. V-One Hazelnut is crafted with fresh hazelnuts and a hint of Hadley Massachusetts maple syrup. In fact, there is almost an entire shot of pure maple per 750ml bottle. Place V-One Hazelnut in the freezer and enjoy straight, it is an amazing sipping vodka.“
—Paul, owner and founder V-One


White Poland

4oz. Milk
2oz. V-One Hazelnut
oz. Kahlua

Hazelnut & Ginger

4oz. Ginger Ale
2oz. V-One Hazelnut
Plenty of ice, garnish with lemon

Chocolate Cake Shot (signature shot)

1/2oz. V-One Hazelnut
1/2oz. V-One Vanilla
1/4oz. Simple Syrup
Chill the vodka and simple syrup, pour into shot glass, drink the shot bite lemon covered with sugar, tastes just like chocolate cake!

Ferrero Rocher Martini

2oz. V-One Hazelnut
2oz. Chocolate Liquor
1oz. Milk
Garnish martini glass with caramel and crushed hazelnuts

Where to find V-One Vodka!