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Paul began his journey to create V-One with one thing in mind,
this was to craft the world's most drinkable vodka.

V-One Vanilla Flavored Vodka

V-One Vodka


V-One Vanilla, first introduced on February 14th 2013, is infused with two of the world's finest vanilla beans from Madagascar and Tahiti. The Madagascan beans give V-One a rich, robust, and classic vanilla flavor. The Tahitian beans give V-One Vanilla a floral and sweet aromatic flavor. These two bean varieties are complimented perfectly with a hint of Rose.


V-One Vodka

Our vodka has COLOR! Unlike other 'clear' flavored vodka, we allow V-One to naturally infuse the vanilla bean. These two special beans, prized for their flavor, are allowed to infuse in the vodka for 30 days. This gives V-One Vanilla its genuine vanilla taste, unlike others which are synthetic and artificial tasting. After this infusion just a hint of rose is added paring the flavors perfectly.

Notes from Paul Kozub, Creator of V-One Vanilla

When I created V-One Vodka in 2005, I did so by following a dream of crafting the world's most drinkable vodka. I have always been driven by faith and led with my heart, therefor it was only natural for the first our first flavor to be called V-One Vanilla.


If you enjoy vanilla, V-One Vanilla is perfect neat, but it also plays well with others, so try one in your favorite martini.

Blueberry Love Martini

V-One Vanilla Vodka
POM blueberry juice
Twist of line
Splash of Sprite

Vanilla Espresso Martini

3 ounces of V-One Vanilla
½ ounce Kahlua
½ ounce Crème de cacao
1 ounce Espresso

Crème Brulee Martini

V-One Vanilla Vodka
Frangelico hazelnut liqueur
Orange juice
Splash of orange liquor

Key Lime Martini

V-One Vanilla Vodka
Orange liquor
Pineapple juice
Key lime juice

Where to find V-One Vodka!